Friday, December 10, 2010

Bahasa Kita

Our life will always moving even we do not want it happen.
It is better to be a child and dont has to confront with a problems.
As we grow, the responsibilities also increase by time.
In teenager we are show the image of the country in the future.
As we adults we are work for the country. As we old, we hope our name are remembered in the country.

Actually I do not have any message to be sent in this long writing. Not too long but it is hard for a Malay to write in English. It is stupid to write in English. This kind of think, always shown by the non-optimistic people.

As prophet teach us for learn China. Seek for the knowledge.
Master at least four language.

But our education system try to use English . Why?
It is preparation in the IPTA. But if threre are student hard to understand the concept because the language problem. How could us achieve to IPT or IPTA . What kind of human that we generate when the statistis of mark is always low. We are seen as the clever student but actually our understanding is only 70 percent .

We are too proud to teach our children to speak English .
But why only English ? What about Arab or Mandarin or Hindustan .
I am jealous, when look the Indian and Chineese in Malaysia .they can speak about 3 language . Bahasa Malaysia , Bahasa Inggeris and their own language . But luckily for because I can understand Java , Indon , English , and Malay .

Wo ai ni . I love u
her shi . Dear
women . You
lau sher . Teacher

Panni . water

This are the word from Chineese and Indian that i know .
At least I try to learn it .
Haha .

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