Monday, November 15, 2010

SBP. I had made right decision

Yesterday I saw him in a dark place and dirty. I tried to get close to him slowly and I felt so sad to see his condition and his face. Altough I felt scared, I keen to meet with him again. I was almost cannot recognize him because his face and body has changed hundred percent. I cannot bear to see him with his condition the I decided to go home.

"Oh, what happen to you" my mind cannot forget about yesterday memories.
He was my best friend in the world but that was 2 years ago. His name is Faizal, one of the rich student in my class. He was kind-hearted and we always help each other. I cannot forget the incident happened when I had broke his glasses but he just smile and said "It is alrights and thanks because of you I will get a new glasses". He was the focus of very girls at our school because he was handsome, rich and kind-hearted. I had little bit jealous to him because of his advantages.

"Who did not done their home work which was I gave yesterday?" said Cikgu Marzuki. I looked at Faizal books and he did what Cikgu Marzuki gave yesterday neat and completely. But my book full with blank page because I was forgot about the home work. "Please, stand up!" said cigu Marzuki again but now in fierce and ugly face. I stand up slowly and suddenly Faizal who done his home work also stand up fastly and bravely. I wondering why he was stand up, even though he had completed the work. " You are stupid Faizal! Why you willing to be my partner for stand up with the sun above us?" I whispered to him with angry melody. But he just smiled.

I knew his family well. He had parent who were always kept looking money at day and night. This had made Faizal felt lonely and my job was a part time motivater to him. He always listen and did what I advised that why I never felt tired to give advices to him. " You have to know, your parent keep earning money because of you" i said to Faizal. " But I do not want these thing what i need just attention" Faizal replied. I felt so symphaty to him but what else can I do.

Later, in couple of month he had a new friends. His try to find an alternative to forget about his family problem. He was always clubbing every night and smoking was his hobbies. I tried to give advice to him and but not a single one listened by him. Then I decided to get further from him because of new attitude. The SPM will come soon, he may destroy his future with his new attitude.

"Where is he?" I said to myself. In the hall of SPM candidates sat, I kept waiting with full of hope. He was absent at the day. Sudden a drop of tear falling on the the flour. The memories again get into my head. Faizal now addicted to drug. He will never be as two years ago. My decision to get further from him because scared I will also be like him was the best although I was reluctant to leave him. Now I Finally realise that I had made the right decision.

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