Saturday, July 17, 2010

I had been taught by legalisms way.
I admit that I 'm a bad boy.
If there is little fault that I did.
My mother gave me, about 25 Newton force as a gift.
In my childhood, I already have my ego.
I抦 always thought that, what I did was right.
If I being scold by my mother I抣l protect myself,
I did not want to loose by anyone.

Now I'm 17 year old. My mother not used force anymore,
But she uses her mouth, not biting but mumbling.
This makes a little pressure on me.
Just need to be a patient son.
But I'm lucky because have mother that can still talk and walk.
Maybe I抦 not strong as my elder brothers.
In the macho face of me, I'm sensitive and shy.
But in school I'm pretending as a bad and harsh man.
Inside of me, I want to break the entire rule.
But this will humiliate my family.
I抦 always thinking, what kind of parent that not teaching their child well.
Their child comes to school as a bad mankind.
The world is unpredictable.
Argh , I'm get stuck when write in English. In order to improve my English
I'm trying and trying I hope it is worth.

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